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Vision, mission and objectives of the Ministry of Health

Vision,Mission and Goals

A healthy community within a leading comprehensive health system ensuring equity, efficiency and high quality at the regional level.


Protecting health by providing high quality and equitable preventive and curative health services by optimizing utilization of resources, technology advances and active partnership with the concerned authorities and by adopting a monitoring and regulatory role related to services concerned with the health of citizens and implied in a national comprehensive health policy.

MoH institutional goals
  • Improve the quality and integrity of health care services.
  • Contribute to reduce the prevalence of non-communicable diseases.
  • Promote reproductive health, family planning and child health services.
  • Develop the infrastructure of the primary and secondary health care facilities.
  • Efficient and effective management of human resources.
  • Contribute to achieve a comprehensive health insurance for all Jordanians.
  • Efficient and effective management of financial resources and cost control.
  • Strengthen the regulatory and control role of MoH.
  • Efficient and effective knowledge management.
  • Efficient management to crises, disasters and hazards.

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