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Opening Statement

Under the supreme directions of His Majesty King Abdulla II, Jordan exerts unremitting and continuous efforts to enhance the development process in the various economic, social, cultural and health aspects, in the context of accelerating comprehensive development for the prosperity of the Kingdom and welfare of all the people.

The health sector in its all components is fully supported by His Majesty who constantly directs to promote and develop this sector to improve the quality of health services.

Under the supreme royal directions; the health sector has made advanced and pioneering accomplishments on the regional and international levels.

MoH has made great progress to improve the services rendered to all people over the Kingdom through the scattered hospitals and health centers in all the governorates and by exerting great efforts in the curative and preventive levels which are fundamental parts of the Health Strategy.

Establishing communication channels with the local and external communities with the highest degrees of credibility and transparency is a top priority to MoH, exemplified in the continuous quest to keep up with the requirements of the modern world, in particular; to strengthen communicative approaches through more widespread and influential technical advancements.

In this context, it was necessary for MoH to develop and update the electronic website in order to go along with the adopted policies, plans, programs and activities as well as to reflect all progress and advances accomplished especially in media and modern social media.

We hope the user of the new and enriched site with all health information and indicators will benefit from the various health topics and satisfy the needs of the researchers and scholars.

Welcome all to our site.

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